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Interested in one of our special offers on new equipment? Did a second hand piece of equipment catch your eye? Just want to give us a thumbs up? You can contact us via email, facebook or telephone any time. We are always pleased to hear from old, new or potiential customers! Do you need something we don't have? Why not let us do the searching for you? Enquire about any type of professional HO.RE.CA Equipment and sit back while we do all the work for you! Do you have second hand equipment you want to sell? Do you have any interesting business propositions? We are always ready to listen to your needs!

T:   95 15 95 05

C:  Michael Papadopoulos

A:  Areos 36, 2232 - Latsia

W: http://www.equip4cheap.co.nf

F:   http://www.facebook.com/equip4cheap

E:   michalis@alaskacy.com